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A place to talk and share about death, dying, legacy and the life you want to lead. We are a safe place and death positive.

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Book club: With the end in mind
The first of our book club reviews - With the end in mind by Kathryn Mannix
Book club: The salt path
We discuss, 'The salt path,' by Raynor Winn
Big Conversations Card Game
We understand that talking about death isn’t top of many people’s list of fun things to do! We’ve found that our card game seems to bridge the gap.
Before I die...A guided journal
The ‘Before I die…’ and ‘The big conversations’ guided journal is a beautiful and meaningful book, allowing everyone to write, doodle and ponder some of the big life questions.
Grieving for pets
They are our best friends and our companions. Our furry friends share our homes and our lives so it can be devastating when they die.
The soundtrack to your life
We are the crafters of our life’s own soundtrack.
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