My Beloved, by Dr. Thomas Davison

Enduring life without you- back-packing alone

Attempting to bury deep in the woods- my memories of you

Deeper into the southern Ohio woodlands- than ever before

Three days without human contact- the noises- the distractions

Alone in these ancient woods- with solely- the old trees for company

No trails here- only faint paths- left behind- by the skittish animals

Staring into the distant woods- entrenched within a prayerlike daydream

Yearning for you- my partner-my beloved- the one who left me behind

When without forewarning- there you are

My beloved redbird

Some declare– you– the cardinal– the redbird

Harbor the spirit of loved ones lost

Reappear as a messenger- harbinger- a guardian

Others call it foolish to believe in you

Are you a visitor from the heavens- or simply a feathered friend?

How can I be certain?

My beloved redbird

I want to acknowledge your divine origin- trust in your purpose

Here– in this chapel of nature- this tribute to her beauty- where the deepest peace abides

I want nothing more than to have faith in you– tiny messenger- to truly believe

But a small part of me- remains distrustful- uncertain

Why must I doubt- why can’t I believe fully- I fear the voices of ridicule

My beloved redbird

No- stop!

Please don’t take flight- I take it back- I didn’t mean it

There are no doubts remaining in me- I promise you

I believe in you now- recognize you- perceive you

Please stay- don’t abandon me– again

My Beloved

* dedicated to the memory of Pat Duty (1939-1995)

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