Sammy cat's second burial by Sarah Caputo

Sammy died about 10 years ago, she was much loved and we buried her with some of her things including her stainless steel food bowl. This year my step daughter, who is an archeologist, and I decided to try and find Sammy's skeleton. Her grave was marked and we knew we had the right place when after some digging around we hit a perfectly preserved stainless steel food bowl.

Using a variety of trowels and brushes we performed an archeological dig of the site and about 40 cm down we uncovered an exquisite skeleton with all the bones intact right down to her toe nails. We marvelled at the at the beauty of it: it made us aware of all the other extraordinary  things that might be happening, hidden from view in the normal course of our lives, and how the cycle of the natural world keeps producing glorious moments in both life and in death.

We kept Sammy uncovered for a while, not quite sure what to do next, then I decided to give her a second burial and I cut many armfuls of flowers and greenery to lay around her before refilling the hole. Some seed heads and bulbs were among them- giving the potential for new growth and the further turning of the cycle of life.

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