Real Life Stories

Real Life Stories about death, dying, bereavement and loss. We hope that by curating these stories we can bring support to those reading them. We all have messy big emotions that can be hard to navigate. By sharing, we can begin to understand that we are not alone.

These stories and more will be curated into a collection after the festival, which we hope to share with a wider audience.



Tips on how or what to submit

The huunuu team have each contributed their own stories, so we wanted to share with you the ideas we have had and what we learned whilst writing our own stories.

We sat down confidently to share our stories, as we do so often in our line of work, but found it was quite a different experience to what we had expected. We found ourselves feeling more emotions than anticipated and each had a little cry as part of our own process. We found that it raised a lot of questions about how comfortable we were to share our stories with the world. We recognised that whilst we were sharing a story that was personal and unique to us, there may be others whose feelings we wanted to consider. We discussed whether it was okay to write about someone who was dead- how would they feel about it? We also talked about how important it is to have these conversations and normalise these emotions.

Begin by having a think. What do you want to write about? We have listed some ideas below; this list is not exhaustive. Take your time and take care of yourself, this is likely to be an emotional journey.  

What could you write about?  

  • My own death

  • The death of a family member or friend

  • The death of a child/ miscarriage

  • Experiencing death as a child

  • The death of a pet

  • The death of an acquaintance

  • The death of a celebrity/ someone famous

  • Supporting a bereaved family member/friend

  • Greif/ grieving/ loss

  • The philosophy of death

  • The practicalities of death

  • Legacy considerations

  • What does legacy mean to you?

  • Remembrance of a loved one

  • How do you want to be remembered?

  • What does your dream funeral look like?  

  • Talking about death

  • Working in the death/dying industry

  • Poetry or prose is accepted

What might you consider?

  • huunuu plans to turns these stories into a curated collection, either online/PDF/book

  • You can let us know if you would prefer your story not to be published

  • You can let us know if you would prefer to be anonymous

  • Is it legal to share this story?

  • If there are any ongoing investigations, we will unfortunately not be able to publish this story

  • How will others affected by your story, feel about reading it?

  • You could send them a draft before it is published

  • You could invite them to write it with you

  • You could invite them to write their own blog about the same story

Anything else?

Your written piece should be no more than 2000-3000 words, it can be shorter than this. You must have the rights to your work and it shouldn't be published anywhere else, please let us know if this is the case.

We would recommend that you prepare some self-care for the days you plan to write, this could be a bubble bath, a glass of wine, a short yoga session or a chat with a loved one, whatever works for you.


Talking about death, dying, bereavement and loss will never be easy to do, our goal is to create spaces that make it a little less scary for those who are ready to share their experiences. Thank you for being vulnerable with us and sharing your story.


To send your story, email: with 'real-life story' in the subject line. Please leave your name and email address alongside your submission.



Additional Support

If you find that you are struggling after writing, please see below for some free resources that you can use for additional support.


Samaritans: Call free any time, from any phone, on 116 123.

Cruse: Call the National Helpline on 0808 808 1677, or email:  


Grief Chat: Connects you directly to trained bereavement counsellors through a live chat programme. It is free of charge and is open Monday-Friday, 9am-9pm by visiting

Cruse bereavement


Grief chat

The Samaritans